aion bank - Merter Inci Creative digital design concept art direction

aion bank


A full service bank that helps you save and earn more money. For one fixed monthly fee, you get all-inclusive access to our daily banking features plus smart money saving tools. No hidden fees. No extra costs. So stop wasting your money. Start making money with Aion Bank today.

Client: aion bank
Date: 24 July 2020
Services: Lead Digital Design

The word is spread; the Netflix of Banking. As AION Bank claims, no hidden costs, no way to waste money. On our digital approach we tried to display as much as possible without hidden lines. With the support of the AIDA-model we created a full and transparent overview of the bank and its services.

Meet Max, the A.I. of AION Bank. Max is is helping you to understand banking, invoices, savings, ETFs and many more. Along the way Max advices you to not waste but ‘make’ more money by saving money.