Hello Everyone

I’m Merter. I’ve a passion for storytelling story-doing through digital experiences, creative ideas, mesmerising artworks, intriguing motion graphics, and functional designs.

Born and raised in Amsterdam, currently working at TBWA\X as Senior Creative with strong analytical and creative capabilities in solving challenges.

I can profile myself as a Hybrid Creative/Art Director (with a digital design background) who takes the task from the beginning towards the end. Love to monitor and keep the quality sustained throughout all the phases of the project.

Creative and disrupting ideas is a sport I like to play everyday. Of course with the art direction and design it deserves.

LinkedIn +316 1718 6178


March 2021 - present
Senior Creative TBWAX
Amsterdam, Netherlands

As a Senior Creative with a design background, my role during this period was mainly focused on coming up with creative ideas and visually shaping them. As Art Director I have close contact with the Creative and Strategy Director, as well from the client side many stakeholders to convince. After the creation process, my role is to oversee the process of further implementations on different platforms and lead the design team for the entire production. During this role I worked for: adidas, McDonalds, T-Mobile, FitForFree, Philips, Schiphol.

Dec. 2018 - March 2021
Lead Design TBWAX
Amsterdam, Netherlands

During my role as Lead Designer I was responsible for every pixel presented. The title says “Lead”, but in my experience I find that this role is broader. During this period I was a human hub between different disciplines, think of the Creative/Art Directors, Project Managers, Designers, 3D Artists, Developers and many more. You can’t just supervise these kinds of roles from the sidelines, on the contrary you have to be part of the entire production. It is not only inspiring and hypnotizing the Creative Director, but also supporting and guiding the design team. During this role I worked for: adidas, FitForFree, Schiphol, Nederlandse Loterije, Action, T-Mobile.

Nov. 2017 - Dec. 2018
Digital Creative Chunk Creative Agency
Amsterdam, Netherlands

At Chunk I was lucky enough to witness the transition from a Digital Agency to a Creative Agency. During and after this transition I was responsible for coming up with new fresh looks from an art direction perspective for existing clients and new/potential clients. While I was fulfilling my role I had many check-ins with stakeholders, especially at T-Mobile, as well with our development team and project managers. During this role I worked for: Philips, T-Mobile, SOAIDS.

Nov. 2015 - Nov. 2017
Senior Designer Chunk Creative Agency
Amsterdam, Netherlands

As a designer I was responsible for many design tasks. ‘Words’ such as UI, UX, visual expressions, logos, banners, paid media, social etc are ‘words’ with which I can express myself carefree. Not just on the blank canvas, this role has its responsibility as a presenter, I presented many designs for clients/stakeholders. During this role I worked for: Vodafone, Hollandsnieuwe, Philips, Google.

Sep. 2013 - Jan. 2014
Interactive Designer (Freelance) UltraRPM
Istanbul, Turkey

As a freelance Interactive Designer, I helped UltraRPM translate traditional ATLs into interactive experiences. This role was new to the agency, so I had a big challenge getting the Executive Director to believe in digital and interactive experiences, as well as the ideas I came up with. I mainly stood between the Creative Director and the client (since this was also new to them). During this period I have worked for brands such as: Vitra, Eczacibasi, Tavvuk, Selin, O.K..

Aug. 2009 - Aug 2010
Interactive Art Director Ideas for Brands - McCann
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Interactive Art Director, sounds so interesting, but nowadays we call it UX/UI with a touch of art direction. As a junior I worked on various projects, under the guidance of an Art Director and together with a Copywriter. Since we are talking about the era of Flash websites, the projects I worked on were really different from each other, but I was lucky enough to work on great brands like: Praxis, Bouwmaat, Remia, Duravermeer, Spoorweg Museum Utrecht.


Sometimes I’ve some time