Adidas Supernova - Merter Inci Creative digital design concept art direction



Through the campaign for the new Supernova, our running franchise that speaks comfort, we want to create communication that not only presents the product
benefit, but also creates a cultural shift of perspective.

Client: adidas
Date: 13 April 2022
Services: Creative, Design, Motion

Elevate our adidas runners community to create authentic peer-to-peer ugc & reviews.

With exclusive experiences make our runners feel special and valued. the consumer will trust authentic feedback from peers within the community.

We identified members of our adidas runners community as well as running ambassadors and provided them the chance to be the first to try the new Supernova shoe. these runners will then be driven to leave a product review on the supernova PDP as well as UGC that will be elevated on top also within the CRM.

Testers will be asked to explore all that supernova has to offer, all the while sharing their experience.

Reward Supernova consumers with a running starter’s pack, helping them find their stride and feel comfortable in their progress. With this, we give our valued consumers everything needed to get started and reach their goals.

Via Gift With Purchase we ‘gift’ our runners with this pack which is designed for runners of all abilities, mostly for starters.

It will include:

  • Running guide
  • Supernova playlist
  • 3 month free premium running app membership