Adidas Ultraboost House of Running - Merter Inci Creative digital design concept art direction

House of Running


An inspirational virtual space where everyone can interact with an exclusive hub of content and experiences around their shared passion: Running. By opening up a world of possibilities that the physical world cannot offer, adidas creates a memorable and gamified world of Hi Energy with Ultraboost 22.

Client: adidas
Date: 20 July 2022
Services: Creative, Art Direction

So, in order to share the passion and act as soon as possible, we will use our creators club membership system to unlock the full experience. In doing so, we place our community at theforefront of adidas running evolution throughone-of-a-kind interactions with brand & product.

Educate phase

Focus on telling the story behind the tech andhow this translates into performance. Createcredibility for the 360° all inclusive fit, supported by consumer experiences.

Highlights Educate phase

  • Let the user discover the deconstructed Ultraboost22 by building it up layer by layer. With each layer, we explain how the shoe has evolved and how the tech benefits the runner’s performance.
  • Through a interactive slider we display the progress of research made and the evolutionary changes.
  • Show a series of runners’ profiles who have shared their stories on what fuels their supreme energy. It is a platform contributed to by athletes, influencers, AR captains and user-generated content. In-store, consumers can scan to unlock profiles via NFC to reveal more in depth stories from each runner.

Discover the new Ultraboost22

Progress diagram

Testimonials – stories from runners for runners

Launch phase

Unleashing Hi Energy which is available to buy via the virtual store. Boost this energy with a cadence playlist & surpass it by playing the game for energising rewards.

Highlights Educate phase

  • Virtual store inside the house of running which displays the whole Ultraboost22 line.
  • The adidas cadence playlist will be curated by influential female DJs and musicians.
  • A 22 day running game challenge. The mission per day is to collect at least 22 energy balls

Virtual try on and shopping

Playlist curated by influential female DJ’s and musicians.

Running game challenge.

Sustain phase

Is all about keeping the story of the Ultraboost22 alive. Via (live) inspirational speakers and smart updates on previous activations.

Highlight Sustain phase

  • Host a series of experiential (live) sessions online and in-store. All designed to give the running community more energy.