Fit For Free - Merter Inci Creative digital design concept art direction

Welcome to the Club

Fit For Free

Fit For Free is there for everyone. Whether you’re just starting out, picking up the thread or want to go completely into beast mode. Everyone has their own goals and reasons. And everyone is welcome at our club.

Client: Fit For Free
Date: 17 September 2019
Services: Creative, Lead Design, Motion

Whatever your reason is to come and work out: we’ve got your back. In copy we play with various, recognizable reasons and we turn it into a ‘club’. A club in which you also feel at home at Fit For Free. This way we show with a big wink that we know our target group. And that they are all welcome.

Party like a beast?
Welcome to the “beastmode” club

Catch them young
Welcome to the “forever fit” club

Free sports until October
+No registration fee and backpack gift
Don’t miss out